• What is mould illness?

    The first step is learning about how a water-damaged building can impact your health.


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  • Do I have mould illness?

    Learn about how to test yourself or your family has mould illness.



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  • Is my house mouldy?

    How do I know if my house is making me unwell? Learn about the different testing options for checking your house for mould

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  • How do I get better?

    Learn about the Build your DREAM Health process for recovering from mould illness.


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How we can help you

Book a support call

Navigating mould illness can be challenging. We have been through it ourselves, and have been trained in the skills to help others get well. We can support you in your journey at any stage. Book your call here

High quality health products

We aim to provide the highest quality supplements and health products that can assist with your recovery. View our product range here

Intellipure Air Purifiers

We are proud to be the NZ stockist of Intellipure Air Purifiers. Learn how these filters work and why they are work so well for mould. click here

Health and house testing

We can help with providing or referring for tests that can help identify mould illness, as well as mould in your home. These tests include

  • Urine mycotoxin test
  • Organic acid test (OAT)
  • ERMI and mycotoxin test (for home)

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